Problem epi2 SNF 2012-04-22 19:47:38: Mixed dopant gas flow error

dongrip at dongrip at
Sun Apr 22 19:47:39 PDT 2012

I used 1% diborane as a dopant gas. If I flow D-DOP2, there's no problem at all. However, if I flow DOP2 with MR 20%, I encountered the error as below.
1) I flew DOP2 (MR 20%) at 100 sccm using DOP FLOW TEST recipe.
2) at the beginning, for 20 sec, no error message (gas flow ok)
3) 20 sec after it, Global DOP2 flow deviated by 94% error message popped up, and the chamber was isolated.
I observed this repeatably. Please resolve this issue....

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