epi2 not working

Ginel Corina Hill ginel at stanford.edu
Sat May 2 20:42:32 PDT 2009

That is an excellent question for the staff - maybe the machine puts itself into inert idle after a certain amount of inactivity.  Either way, I couldn't get it to work so Sunday users may be out of luck until in gets some maintenance.


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Hi Ginel,

According to the log, I was the last user before you.

I surely put the system in "hot idle" today after I finished.

Would the system automatically go to inert idle from hot idle?
I know that the system automatically go to inert from "cold idle" after a while.
Or somebody else may bring the sytem inert idle.



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Machine was left in inert idle when I arrived and failed to go into hot idle...  

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Subject: Leave EPI2 in Hot idle over the weekend

Because we are still having  water flow issues when going from cold to 
hot idle:
Please leave the system in Hot idle (not inert idle). 


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