wafer lost?/shut down machine

maurice maurice at stanford.edu
Wed Dec 1 09:48:43 PST 2010

If you do not recovery all your wafers from Epi2, shutdown the tool.  
The tool has no magic way to make your wafers disappear.  They still do 
exist...somewhere in the tool.

There are currently three wafers in the process chamber.  We will have 
to open it up, remove the wafers and inspect the chamber quartz for any 
problems.  The system will be down for a least two days.

Also,  if you load your wafers in, you should be the person unloading 
the wafers.  Don't leave it for the next users unless you have spoken 
with that user.  The machine has occasional (some times frequent if the 
cassettes are switched)) handling problems.  The next users should not 
have to recover your wafers, figure out if your wafers were run or where 
you wafer should go.

You are also responsible for making sure the chamber is etched at the 
end of your reservation.

If there are problems that you can't recover from make sure you note it 
on coral (include that you were not able to etch the chamber).

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