Epi2 DCS flow ...

John Shott shott at stanford.edu
Sun Nov 28 09:40:50 PST 2010

Epi2 users:

Over the weekend, a couple of folks have reported a DCS flow error.  
This is likely due to the excess flow switch on that line that has 
"tripped" so that it shuts off the DCS source at the bottle.  We believe 
that this is due to a failed or failing excess flow switch.  We have 
ordered a replacement.  I don't know whether it has arrived, but when it 
does arrive, we will shutdown the DCS line so that we can replace this 

In the meantime, I've reset the DCS flow switch and confirmed that the 
pressure in the line increases from -8.0 PSIG to approximately 4.5 
PSIG.  I believe that you should be able to use DCS under these 
conditiions, but caution everyone to keep a close eye on the DCS flow.

I'm not clearing the problems that report this ... because we haven't 
addreressed the underlying problem ... but believe that with close 
monitoring of the DCS flow, you should be OK to process.

Happy processing,

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