Important:Unload your own wafers/ epi up

Maurice M Stevens maurice at
Wed Jun 1 11:36:35 PDT 2011


Don't leave a note expecting the next user to unload your wafers. It should be etched and ready for the next user.  Once your run is over and you have completed the etch, put the system in inert idle.  It should not be sitting in active idle for hours because you don't want come in and unload your wafers (This uses up the life of the lamps).
Repeated failure to follow this will result in you losing your qualification on the tool.

This was the second time a wafer was broken when someone was unloading another users wafers.  This downtime would have been avoided if the person enable unloaded there own wafers. 

Ted vented Xfer chamber, removed broken wafers, wiped out chamber, inspected wand, and pumped down chamber.
Wafer drop from both LL were centered.
Ran  Ge etch twice.
Epi up.

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