Epi down 2 weeks

maurice stevens maurice at stanford.edu
Fri Nov 4 13:34:09 PDT 2011

AMAT is asking for 2 weeks of time on Epi2 to finish the second chamber 
before the shutdown.

Many of you know that the Epi2 second chamber install has been 
proceeding slowly because AMAT has been installing several other 
systems.  Sean, our normal field service engineer has been coming in to 
work on our system on weekends.  The other installs are winding down and 
AMAT can now dedicate a few engineers to our tool solidly for at least 
two weeks.

This is not a great time for a two shutdown.  We only have 6 weeks 
before the long Christmas break and we have been limping along for a 
week waiting for the lamp change.   But the work needs to get done so we 
can do the gas line tie ins.  And we really don't know when the AMAT 
engineers will be free in the future.

We believe this work would begin the last two weeks of this month but it 
is not finalized.


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