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I have to agree with David on this.  We have a significant project working through the lab, and we've had plans in place all along that assumed that we'd have access to this tool until the shutdown.  

We all know that things break sometimes, and the life of SNF is filled with uncertainty.  However, in this case, since it is a question of plans and not Acts of God, I think we need to do everything we can to keep the tool available until the planned shutdown.  

On Nov 4, 2011, at 2:22 PM, David A.B Miller wrote:

> Maurice
> Thanks for the information on this proposal. I think we are at a critical
> stage with our work using the epi tool and desperately need to finish off
> some work before the winter break. This will directly impact the
> graduation of two students. If we cannot finish this work, it will likely
> delay their graduation by a quarter. It will also make it impossible to
> meet contract goals on a major contract that is up for renewal at the end
> of this year, jeopardizing the renewal and potentially eliminating the
> funding for these two students to finish their Ph. D.s.
> So I am strongly asking us to reconsider this shutdown at this time.\
> Thanks
> David
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> Subject: Epi down 2 weeks
> AMAT is asking for 2 weeks of time on Epi2 to finish the second chamber
> before the shutdown.
> Many of you know that the Epi2 second chamber install has been proceeding
> slowly because AMAT has been installing several other systems.  Sean, our
> normal field service engineer has been coming in to work on our system on
> weekends.  The other installs are winding down and AMAT can now dedicate a
> few engineers to our tool solidly for at least two weeks.
> This is not a great time for a two shutdown.  We only have 6 weeks before
> the long Christmas break and we have been limping along for a
> week waiting for the lamp change.   But the work needs to get done so we
> can do the gas line tie ins.  And we really don't know when the AMAT
> engineers will be free in the future.
> We believe this work would begin the last two weeks of this month but it
> is not finalized.
> -m
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