Epi Reactor lower Dome coated

maurice stevens maurice at stanford.edu
Thu Nov 17 10:10:43 PST 2011

Good morning John B,

We are pulling the lower dome .  We had the tool already reserved for 
this weekend but have contacted AMAT this morning to see if they are 
free on Friday start a day earlier.  This will give us the weekend to 
bake out.

Harris/Miller students with Ted Kamins, Ted Berg and I have tried just 
about everything to compensate for the coating and to clean it up.  It 
has cleaned up some but the temperature is still an issue.

Our hesitation in pulling the dome out sooner has been that many other 
users are still getting good deposition and are also pushing to meet 
deadlines.  We also hoped we could clean up the dome with out pulling it 
from the system.  And we always fear that other things get disturbed 
and/or it takes much longer to bring the tool back up.

We hope to have the system up by Monday afternoon and will update you on 
our progress tomorrow.


maurice at stanford.edu

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