Dome replacement Monday/free this weekend

Maurice M Stevens maurice at
Fri Nov 18 11:43:28 PST 2011

We have moved the dome replacement to Monday.  I am releasing my reservations for this weekend.

We expect Epi come back up late Wed.


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Professors Harris, Saraswat, Kenny, Miller, Kamins and Howe,

We have hit a snag in replacing the Epi lower dome.  When we gathered 
spares on Thur for today's replacement, we found the spare dome had 
never been cleaned from the last replacement 18 months ago.

Reacting to that setback, the spare dome has been sent out for cleaning 
Thur afternoon and will be returned to SNF on Monday, when we will make 
the swap followed by bake-out.  We also checked with AMAT to see if they 
had a spare we could get on short notice, but they did not.

So the tool will be up over the weekend for users who can still use it 
with the current coated dome.  It will then go down on Monday for the 
dome replacement.

Needless to say, we will be doing an audit of our spares for the epi 
tool to make sure we have a logical set available and I will propagate 
that audit to the other highly utilized/critical path tools over time to 
help increase our tool up times.


john b

On 11/17/11 10:23 AM, James Harris wrote:
> Maurice,
> Great news if we can get this done before the weekend and then bake so we're ready to go on Monday.  If there are any jobs that experienced machine users, but not experienced in the repair, could usefully help with to speed up the operation, I'm sure some of the most experienced growers could be enlisted help with this operation--maybe even if mostly observing this time, but could help with a more scheduled and routine maintenance of the system in the future, we could possibly avoid this kind of panic and maintain a higher level of performance over longer time periods as it seems to me one of our problems is almost complete lack of routine maintenance and then having to fix things when broken, which always takes longer than a bit more preventive action.  Probably not the time to address this when are again in the quick, get it fixed mode, but certainly something I think you, John Schott, John Bumgarner, Roger, Ted and major users should put our heads together and see if we can't come up with a better long term strategy, especially with a second chamber to be added over the break.
> Many thanks,
> Jim
> On Nov 17, 2011, at 10:10 AM, maurice stevens wrote:
>> Good morning John B,
>> We are pulling the lower dome .  We had the tool already reserved for this weekend but have contacted AMAT this morning to see if they are free on Friday start a day earlier.  This will give us the weekend to bake out.
>> Harris/Miller students with Ted Kamins, Ted Berg and I have tried just about everything to compensate for the coating and to clean it up.  It has cleaned up some but the temperature is still an issue.
>> Our hesitation in pulling the dome out sooner has been that many other users are still getting good deposition and are also pushing to meet deadlines.  We also hoped we could clean up the dome with out pulling it from the system.  And we always fear that other things get disturbed and/or it takes much longer to bring the tool back up.
>> We hope to have the system up by Monday afternoon and will update you on our progress tomorrow.
>> -m
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