Epi Lower Dome complete 11/25/11

Maurice M Stevens maurice at stanford.edu
Fri Nov 25 12:08:52 PST 2011

Lower dome replacement complete.
System has been bake for 1.5 days.

Six long etches done on system.
Si depositions look clean and haze free.
(No water errors since Sunday)

Please! please! please run test wafers before committing your "real" wafers.  With both domes replaced and the new lower lamps (from 2 weeks ago) growth conditions will be different.  Many of you will need adjust your recipes.


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We had a very good day!

We will installed the upper quartz and dome, confirmed correct wafer 
placement in process chamber and pumped down system.

System is now baking out.  I will come in on Friday to etch the chamber, 
get temperature readings and run silicon depositions.

We will update on you all on Friday.


On 11/22/2011 4:32 PM, maurice stevens wrote:
> Hi All,
> We received the lower dome midday yesterday and were able to removed 
> the upper dome and all the upper quartz.
> Today we (1) pulled the lower lamps, rotation assembly and the lower 
> dome (2) cleaned the upper/lower flanges, cleared inner rotation of 
> broken wafers/quartz (3) re-installed lower dome, lower lamps and 
> rotation assembly.
> Tomorrow we will install the upper quartz and dome, calibrate wafer 
> placement in process chamber, pump down system and finally (if 
> everything goes well) start the bake out.

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