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Thu Sep 29 13:19:29 PDT 2011

It is very important that the etch program runs to completion.

Do not run your deposition if the etch does not finish.  The last time 
the dome was coated it cost us a week of down time and $10k in parts.
If you damage the system because you ran with an etch you will be held 
responsible for the cost of replacement parts.

If you can't get the etch program to run after several tries, yellow 
light the system and send an email to the epi2 email list.

If you normally use the Si etch program you can also use the Ge etch 
program.  It will be longer but it will etch the dome.


On 9/29/2011 8:52 AM, eldwin at wrote:
> Error encountered during cleaning recipe etchcoat and cleaning process was aborted. Subsequent user also had pressure setpoint warnings.

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