HCl update

maurice stevens maurice at stanford.edu
Tue Apr 17 11:21:25 PDT 2012

Hi All,

We have been struggling with an HCl issue for the last few days.

When we run the hi flow etch to clean the epi chamber we see a drop in 
the delivery pressure at the gas bottle.
We got an fancy new auto purge gas panel for the epi HCl over the 
renovation shutdown.  It is very nice and will make bottle changes safer.
But the new gas cabinet measures the delivery pressure and shuts down 
the cabinet if the delivery flow is too low.

We have tried reducing the trip point of the delivery pressure 
transducer and are waiting for the cabinet vendor to get back to us 
about what they believe the pressure should be with the reduced flow 
orifice we have.  We also had to change the HCl bottle in the middle of 
all this (we ran the bottle down while running multiple etches and 
reducing the trip point).

We have actually run 6 etches this morning without the HCl kicking off.  
Unfortunately,  we are now getting a contactor/ water flow error on 
every etch.  We are checking the water flow to the tool now.

We will send an update this afternoon.


maurice at stanford.edu

Maurice Stevens
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