Wpi2 water flow update

maurice stevens maurice at stanford.edu
Mon May 21 10:28:19 PDT 2012

We are working on few of things to resolve the contactor/water flow 
faults .  We are replacing the cooling water flow switch,  looking for a 
better type of quick disconnect and looking for a spot in the system to 
put in water filter(s).

The flow switch could be replaced as soon as tomorrow afternoon (we 
don't have a delivery date yet).  That may get to the point were the 
system is not kicking off.

Our current style of quick disconnects in the various water loops in the 
chamber dramatically reduce the water flow and have been problematic for 
years.  We are looking for a less restrictive design.  AMAT field 
service is also looking for a connector different than the one they 
originally supplied to us.

Long term, we are also looking at installing water filters to reduce the 
amount of "gunk" that can get into the Epi's internal cooling loops and 
cause flow restrictions.


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