[epi2] Epi2: Second Chamber Update

maurice stevens maurice at stanford.edu
Fri Jan 11 09:37:51 PST 2013

Hi All,


We haven't sent out a status update on the second chamber for a few months …because there had not been anything new to report…until now.  

The permit has gone through the county (big cheer at this point) and we are now going through the follow up inspections.  

Ted had EH&S here this past Tuesday and they signed off on the system (smaller cheer here).  Ted has the Fire inspector in today and if all goes well (there will be another big cheer and) then the building inspector will be here Monday.

We can then turn on the gases to start temperature calibration and process development.  We want to get a few recipes sent out for SIMS so we have clean baseline data.

We will have an epi users meeting in the next few weeks to talk about how the two chambers share gas MFC's and what would be the best way to run two chambers at the same time.

We are hopeful that Monday we will have good news.



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