[epi2] Epi2: Update

Ted Berg tberg at stanford.edu
Fri Jan 25 07:22:49 PST 2013

Hello All,
      I just wanted to give everyone an update on where we are in Epi 
Land. Chamber B the second chamber is totally signed off by the county 
and Applied is doing some final checks. We hope to introduce gases today 
or Monday and then Maurice will do his Quals. On to Chamber A. The major 
PM with quartz and lamp change was accomplished by Applied Field 
service, we found the pump had died so it was replaced with a spare, 
system was leak checked and test runs were attempted to check for O2 
contamination. These did not succeed due to pressure control issues. We 
have been working on trying to resolve this issue with Applied Field 
service for several days. Sorry for the inconvenience. Will keep you all 
updated. Ted

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