Etch Morning Report Oct 20, 2003

Len Booth booth at
Mon Oct 20 08:46:33 PDT 2003

Etch Group -  Morning Equipment Status Report 9:00 am
  Astrisk (*) = equipment up & ready for use
AG4108     *    each user needs to verify Config values
                 values can change if power-cycled

AMTetcher  Shutdown    tray #2 has arcing marks

Drytek1    *         
Drytek2    *   

Drytek4    *

Gasonics   Shutdown   waiting for process recipe(s) to be
                          approved, Jim McVittie

Lampoly    *

Lamsi      NOT installed
Matrix     *
MRC        *

P5000etch  Shutdown   heatexchangers not working
Pquest     Shutdown   System I/O not working

Prometrix  *    
RTAag      *
RTAgaas    NOT installed        
STSetch    *

Wafersaw   *

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