Etch Equipment status 5/15/06

Cesar M Baxter cbax at
Mon May 15 09:58:08 PDT 2006

Etch Equipment: Status as of 5/15/06 @10:00am

Amtetcher- UP, replaced three broken wafer holder clips.

Drytek#1-  UP

Drytek#2-  UP

Drytek#4-  Shutrdown, will not pump down below 300mt, currently trouble
           shooting the tool.

Gasonic -  UP, adjusted  and level sender load arm.

Lampoly -  UP

Xactix  -  UP

Matrix  -  UP

MRC     -  UP

P5000   -  UP, vented chamber B and removed broke wafer chips and also,
               adjusted clamping force.

PQuest  -  UP

STSetch#1 -UP

STSetch#2 -UP

AG4108  -  UP

AG4100  -  UP

Wafersaw-  Shutdown, problem with the theata initialization.

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