Shutdown evalign 2001-04-10 04:26:21: System in unknown state

mbadi at mbadi at
Tue Apr 10 04:26:21 PDT 2001

I accidentally disabled the machine before unloading my mask.  When this happened the vacuum system holding my mask shut off and one of the stages was lowered.  I then re-enabled the system, removed my mask manually, and tried to properly log off.  But when EVAlign asked me to push in the tray i couldn't do it b/c one of the stages is in the way!  This is the stage that was lowered when the system was disabled.
I wasn't sure how to get the system to get back into a proper state and thought it best to just shut it down and let someone familiar with the machine take care of it in the morning. 
I'm REALLY sorry about this.

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