Comment evalign SNF 2008-04-07 16:06:36: Update

vilanova at vilanova at
Wed Apr 16 10:22:04 PDT 2008

Had to remove the top plate again to determine what was causing the plate from binding up and failure to complete initialization. Checked and re-soldered 2 pin connections on the upper ball switch PCB assembly. The solder joints probably deterioreted when we heated up the vacuum channel cover plate with a heat gun( The PC board was very near by). Tested continuity and ball switch operation- All looks good. Also when we re-installed the top plate, we did not tighten down the upper position nut as much as the first installation, which may have caused the binding. Re-assembled system and did full initialization- All OK. Repeated several times with no problem. Finally tested mask vacuum which was the original problem- All OK. Powered up and tuned UV lamp. Intensity is 12.27mw/cm2 and uniformity is 1.7. If all goes well we will green light the tool tomorrow morning after we expose and inspect a test wafer with resolution mask.  GS/MV

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