Shutdown evalign SNF 2011-08-25 16:41:42: system won't initialize

lindaw at lindaw at
Thu Aug 25 16:41:43 PDT 2011

Problem started when aligning two wafers in the bond chuck. After successfully bonding two pairs of wafers,  I was using the sep/cont button to contact and separate wafers for alignment, when I pressed button to separate, the bottom chuck just kept going all the way down to it's stand by position.  Pressing the sep/cont button did not bring the chuck back up.  I pressed undo to back out of the program and unload both wafers.  When I tried to reload top wafer, the chuck went up for wedge compansation, but then slowly sank all the way down to the standby position without loading my wafer to the bond chuck.  I moved the tray out and closed the program and reopened it, but now it won't initialize.  At the same time the svgcoat2 had a strange error message and the user's wafer would not relaease from the spin chuck, and the megasonic also had error message 1 & 2 and would not run.  Was there some sort of N2/air/vac problem that glitched everything out"?

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