up date

Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Feb 21 16:19:05 PST 2002

Hello all,

Unfortunately during the long weekend some damages was done to the
bonder by forgetting the dice tape on the wafers and subsequently
burning it in the bonder. We cleaned  all the parts and put the system
back together, I ran one anodic bond yesterday and it came out ok but
this afternoon one member was not able to do the bonding on her sample (
she works on Pieces) so I ran the system again and the bond is ok. I am
not sure why we see lots of current and no voltage with her sample, Mike
is checking that
out with Electronic Vision. The bonder is up and ready for full wafers
anodic bond at this point if any one has pieces and they like to try it,
I will like to know about the result.

So one of the bond alignment chuck is damaged, I need to send it out to
get it polished.
The brand new glass frame is stained, the graphite is scratched and
slightly dent.


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