Damaged Chuck

Mahnaz mahnaz at snf.stanford.edu
Wed May 22 15:46:21 PDT 2002

Hello all,

Here we go again.....
Some one has damaged one of the bond insert tool so till I get this one
fixed we will only have one Bond Chuck tool.
For one thing the back of  her wafer had Aluminum on it which got melted
to the chuck which should have been left at that point but the
individual tried to scrap it with razor blade which made  many scratches
to the chuck.

Let me put it as simple as I can

If any one from now on scratches any part of chucks or tooling in the
bonder, I will order a new one and will  charge it to their account.
Please surprise me  with interesting stuff, this is too....?

Here is the question of the week:

If you have a very expensive mahogany table and a piece of gum stuck to
it and is harden. How will you clean it?
I welcome your answer, you may win a chocolate bar.


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