Mahnaz mahnaz at
Thu Jun 19 16:16:01 PDT 2003

Hello all,

Effective immediately these changes to be followed till I am  back from
vacation on Monday the 30th. I am open to discussion or any other way
any one would suggest but till then we all need to follow this:

As of yesterday we have put the pressure plate that was chipped and
stressed back in the bonder so few of you could do anodic bonding. We
will do ONLY anodic bonding with quartz  plate, the plate is not in  any
shape to handle a lot of force and  Remember this is a loaner and our
pressure plate should arrive within one week. In general we should not
use the quartz pressure plate  for any higher force than 1500N so  if we
need to do direct bonding;  we need to do it with steel plate and this
change will be implemented to the procedure as soon as I am  back till
then a copy of this will be next to the bonder.

How do we go about this:

As of right now Mike Martinez is the only one who exchange these plate
so we need to communicate among ourselves via the equipment email list.
You need to request for the exchange of the pressure plate and Mike will
make it happen. You need to consider that Mike leaves at 5 pm and he
needs to this  before that time and bonder needs to be at normal
On Friday 20th in the afternoon the steel plate will be installed per
Ammar's  request and will be on till Monday or next request.


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