down time

Mahnaz mahnaz at
Mon Mar 3 13:43:25 PST 2003

Hello all,

All I can say is that last week was a pretty bad one when comes to the
On Friday the glass frame broke and graphite was damaged by a lab member
simply because the graphite ( field electrode)  was not placed
correctly. I had a clean graphite and borrowed another lab member's
glass frame  and brought the system up before going home on Friday. Over
the weekend another  lab member on the last run forgot the field
electrode ( graphite) and broke the pressure plate and the glass frame..

The system will be down for minimum of  2 to 3 weeks, I have ordered the
parts and the pressure plate is coming from Austria.
Both incidents caused by sense of being too comfortable with the system
and rushing to get  more passes done.
I am open to suggestion but thinking at this time to take one of the
chucks away.
Let me know if there are better ideas out there.


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