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There are a lot of different types of bonding going on these days. Sometimes the machine is left with the steel plate, and sometimes with the glass.

It might help, especially around weekends, if you indicated the type of process you were going to be doing in your reservation (anodic, eutectic, or fusion). There are one or two advanced users who can help by changing the plate over to the one you will need. A courteous user can try and arrange for a necessary changeover, but they can only do this if you indicate what you need in your reservation.

It's my understanding that if you attempt to change the plate without authorization and the proper training, you and your family will be tortured horribly by the staff.

If you attempt to change the plate without authorization and damage the bonder because you don't know what you are doing, the staff may not get a chance to torture you because you will be ripped apart into little bloody bits by the other users.

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