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Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at
Fri Aug 25 16:43:33 PDT 2006

Hello all

Please read carefully ...
Here is the new rule for EVbonder.
We had this rule  while back when we had a lot of demand on anodic bond 
vs.  silicon direct bond.

With Anodic bonding  we need to use the quartz plate and with direct 
bonding we need steel plate.
The rule is that only staff changes the plate and trust me you do not 
want to be responsible to put the quartz plate in. Usually  non of these 
are matter as we can go in and change the plates as labmembers request 
it. we encounter  some problems when we have one of each that they need 
to use the system on the same day and they do not account for cooling 
time and ...etc.

So  starting Monday 8/28/06 Monday,  Wednesday and Fridays will be for 
ANODIC bond meaning the quartz plate will be in.  Tuesday,  Thursday and 
weekend will be for Direct bonding  meaning steel plate will  be in 
place.  This can change as we go along and users need will change.

At this time I need to ask even superusers on the system do not change 
any plates ( it should be only one or two people at the this time).
Any suggestion is welcome so please let me know if you have a better idea.

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