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Hyeun-Su Kim aeonia at stanford.edu
Wed Mar 29 17:31:09 PST 2006

Hi all,

Is there anybody who can change the plate late night (around midnight)? I
only could get reservations at late night since all other time slots are
taken. The person who is using before me using steel plate; I need to change
the plate since I will do anodic bonding. Please let me know if you have
good solution on this matter. I don't want to activate my account on April
only because of the bonding. Thank you very much.

Hyeun-Su (aeonia)

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Hello all,

The turbo pump arrived shortly before lunch today and  Jim Haydon helped 
to put it all back together so this is the good news.  Unfortunately 
last night the the glass frame  for bond alignment ( if you need 
alignment on the EV)  broke.  I have called EVG and a glass frame with 
vacuums trenches  will get shipped. The SYSTEM IS UP AND  RUNNING.


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