OK to change to steel Friday morning?

Benjamin Chui bwchui at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 14 23:47:42 PST 2008

Hi everyone,

     One of my wafers didn't turn out so well today so I decided to
start one more pair bonding overnight before the apparatus converts to
steel plate.  The bond process should end by 3 am friday morning
2-15-08.  If you get there before I do, could you unload the wafer for
me and put it in the wafer dish next to the machine?  (The fixture
should be cool enough to handle by 6 am since the cooling step will
start around 2 am.) Thanks a lot!


--- jim kruger <jimkruger at yahoo.com> wrote:

> EVbond:  I am proposing request the steel plate be
> installed tomorrow morning Friday, 2-15-08, hopefully
> to remain well into next week.
> Will this interfere with anyones plans to use the
> Quartz?
> We are making an effort to minimize the number of
> change-overs.
> jim
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