Looking for advice on wafer bonding

ben.jian ben.jian at arrayedfiberoptics.com
Mon Jun 30 23:40:18 PDT 2008

Dear labmembers,

I have been doing silicon-silicon wafer bonding for years using
gold-silicon eutectic bonding.  While this is a reasonable wafer bonding
method,  it leaves much to be desired.  Briefly,  the bond is not very
strong - frequently even ultrasonic cleaning can break the bonded chip

I am looking for a better silicon-silicon wafer bonding process.  Factors
to consider include process simplicity, bonding yield/strength, tolerance
to dust particle, etc.  If every step can be performed at SNF,  it would be
always better.  A lower temperature process is desirable.

Your kind advice is greatly appreciated.

Ben Jian
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