Bonder Graphite

Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at
Mon Nov 29 15:56:41 PST 2010

hello all,

I like to make some clarification...

Mario replaced all the screws and metal strips on the anodic graphite on 
Wednesday 11/24th.
But Mario failed to update coral with the information and that caused 
some confusion.
Elizabeth has mentioned some stuff that I am not sure what does it mean?

We have two different graphite in the EV bonder
One measures 3.0 mm used for eutectic bonding and

The other one measures at 2.1 mm that is used for anodic bonding.
That is true that the anodic one does measure 3 .0 mm around the edge
but measures 2.1mm  in the flexible ( center) part of the graphite.

All these info are in the procedure  next to the tool.

Secondly, the anodic bond recipe   " the new standard. aba"
is written in a way that there is a vacuum level to be reached  in three 
The final  holding for vac. in my recipe  is after the system has been 
heated up to 350C which helps to get to 10-5.

So please follow the instruction



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