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you may have already heard back from others, but here are my two cents:
effects of increased nozzle pressure:
1) rougher films
2) more coverage at the bottom of trenches
essentially the higher pressure allows for a less fine spray but great
directionality of the spray.

when you mention the nozzle being raised by 800k steps during a recipe, that
is to avoid having too much pressure on a wet resist in the center...without
raising the nozzle the pressure could spread out the resist in the center of
the wafer.  at least that is the only reason i know of to make this

considering your other question about dots in your sprayed resist coats...i
have not seen this, but i have not been using the system much lately.
 anyone else?

On Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 12:43 AM, Kyunglok Kim <kyunglok at>wrote:

> Dear spray coater users,
> I'm making a recipe for the spray coater.
> When I looked at some recipes made by other users, I found that some people
> raised the nozzle by about 800000 during spray coating and some others
> didn't. The used profile is very similar in both cases.
> And the several numbers are used in nozzle pressure : from 100mbar to
> 1600mbar.
> Can I ask the effect of theses changes to the coating profile?
> Thanks!
> Bests,
> Kyunglok
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