Comment fga2 SNF 2010-02-17 12:20:47: Boat very unstable during loading/unloading

ahryciw at ahryciw at
Wed Feb 17 12:20:49 PST 2010

The quartz rail in the centre of the boat's wheels is not attached to the loading end of the furnace:  the consequent slant to the rail makes the boat tip precariously to the right during loading/unloading (my specimen dropped off three times, luckily right near the front).  Also, the tube does not look like it was reinstalled with the best (angular) orientation:  the broken rail endpoint is about an inch to the left of the bottom centre of the tube.
Is the rail and the wheeled boat necessary?  Perhaps the rail and the wheels could be removed altogether, and the boat could just be slid back and forth on the bottom of the tube (with a lowered centre of gravity due to the removal of the wheels); it seems to me that this would be a much more stable configuration!

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