Shutdown fiji1 SNF 2011-10-05 11:23:31: e-box failure and rf plasma update

jprovine at jprovine at
Wed Oct 5 11:23:31 PDT 2011

Cambridge Nanotech was here this morning to check out the fiji1 & fiji2.  on the fiji1, the plasma issues are most likely to be due to a failing RF power supply.  a new one is being shipped.  while investigating that problem, the e-box (the electronics module that controls all the elements of the system and communicates with the control computer by USB, failed.  it is not powering on and cambridge nanotech is taking this opportunity to ship us a new e-box that is a more up to date version compared to the one currently on the system.
finally the misalignment between the substrate carrier and the transfer arm that has existed for a while (the pins do not go all the way in) will be addressed by a new design of transfer arm-substrate carrier mechanical interface.  this new interface is the new standard for the fijis, but the redesign occurred after our purchase.  the new interface pieces are also being shipped to snf.

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