found wafer holder/shadow mask assembly

J Provine jprovine at
Mon Oct 24 17:34:12 PDT 2011

hello fiji users,
i found someone's shadow mask/wafer assembly in fiji2.  if you would like to
get this back, please contact me.

since no one reported it as lost when it broke and stayed in the deposition
chamber, i'm guessing the user understood that this was not appropriate.
 how was it inappropriate:
1) the user did not discuss with me about putting such material into the
2) the user did not report a problem that occurred and was very likely to be
an issue for subsequent users either from mechanical issues with
loading/unloading or contamination of their run.
3) the user tried to do a shadow mask ald...while this is not itself
inappropriate, it begs the question of whether the user understands what ald
is and how it works

i try to be accommodating and welcoming of questions and proposals, so i
would hate to think that someone was scared or concerned to talk to me about
what they wanted to try.  if you do not find me welcoming, please help me by
getting this message to me somehow so i can improve.  let me be very clear,
when in doubt it would be far better to discuss with me than to assume.  let
me continue to be extremely clear, if you do not discuss with me and make
blatant and potentially damaging decisions regarding equipment i am involved
in, i will make every effort to make sure you never make such a mistake

i hope someone comes to speak with me about this issue so we can put it
behind us with proper training and clarification.

for all users, remember this is not your tool.  nor is it mine. it belongs
to the snf community, and as such should be expected to be free from secret
damage by members of the community.  respect the lab and your fellow

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