new disable, end of use policy for fiji1 and fiji2

J Provine jprovine at
Fri Oct 28 06:13:20 PDT 2011

hi fiji ald users,
effective immediately we have a new policy for how to leave the fiji1 and
fiji2 ald systems when you run is completed.
the two changes are:
1) always put the substrate holder back into the deposition chamber at the
end of your run.  this will keep the tray hot, which in the long run can
improve cleanliness and run to run uniformity performance.
2) run the standby recipe before you leave the tool for disable.  on both
tools the standby recipe is 00 - STANDBY and is in the recipes directory.
this recipe makes an extra check on all gas flows and MFCs to ensure proper
states for inactive times.  in particular a small amount of background Ar
will flow, which cambridge nanotech has found helps to maintain cleanliness
within the system.  additionally all MFC will be shutdown properly in case a
run was aborted and these steps were not followed manually.

training of new users will reflect these changes immediately (it has already
begun).  please be aware and retrain yourself to make this a standard part
of your habit on the tool.

i will be updating the instructions on the snf website this weekend to
reflect the necessary changes.

thank you and happy depositing whether atomic layer or otherwise.

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