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J Provine jprovine at
Mon Feb 6 03:09:46 PST 2012

hi everyone,
as you saw from the last labmember email, the snf is nearly back to being
opened for users after the extensive rennovation project of the last
~2months.  no definite time table is in place, but i wanted to let you know
the plan and process for getting the ald systems back online.  currently i
am out of the country, but i'll be back at stanford on thursday the 9th.

*once i am back AND the lab is open for users i will start bringing the
savannah, fiji1, and fiji2 back online.*
this involves restarting the pumps and heaters for each tool, installing
the pieces that were cleaned or repaired over break, testing components,
only when all of these matters are fixed, will i be able to start test
depositions to check for system operation.

*how fast will the tools return?*
this has several variables as each tool has several systems to reinstall
and check and until those checks are performed i won't know exactly what
delays we can expect.
it is most likely that the fiji1 will return first because it had no parts
out for repair/replacement other than the substrate plate which is being
cleaned.  in the event everything works just as before the shutdown, we
could expect to have the fiji1 back online 48-72 hours after i get started
working on it.

fiji2 had its substrate holder cleaned and parts replaced on the manifold.
 even if everything works as before i will need to leak check the new ald
line and reassemble/reinstall the manifold.  i would not hazard a guess as
to how long returning the system could be but i will keep the list updated
as i go through each check.

like the fiji2, the savannah had its manifold pulled and some minor repair
work done over shutdown.  also the pump was serviced and the reaction
chamber cleaned.  since i have previous experience restarting this tool
after prior shutdowns, i would expect to have it ready for troubleshooting
the manifold repair efforts by 48 hours after getting access to the tool
and all its components.  how long the troubleshooting will take is unknown
and i'll update as the progress goes.

*new tools in the snf.*
before shutdown we physically moved in the *fiji3* plasma/thermal ald
system, this system will be oxide chemistries only and cleanliness
classification like fiji2 (open to a very wide range of materials).  over
shutdown we took delivery of a savannah system for mvd (to be named *
savannah-mvd*) which will be interfaced with a non-reactive environment
glovebox.  currently we are preparing scope of work packages in order to
accept bids for permitting and facilitizing both of these systems.  once we
have selected a contractor and we will know the expected timeline for
facilitization, permit, and install test from the contractors and cambridge
nanotech.  that information will be passed on to users as it becomes more

we have all of our standard precursors stocked and will be ordering backups
and some new experimental precursors soon.

any questions, please let me know.  more information will be coming as we
get the snf and ald capabilities back online.
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