fiji systems back online

J Provine jprovine at
Fri May 25 01:53:51 PDT 2012

ald enthusiasts,
fiji1 and fiji2 are back online for us (although i'm running on fiji1 now).
 both transfer arms were disassembled, reassembled, cleaned, reset, coaxed,
encouraged, mollified, and finally convinced to behave once again.  fiji2
is not as "sticky" or rough in action as before, but still isn't perfectly
smooth.  fiji1's substrate transfer is fine.

in both cases, definite care should be taken to make sure you properly
transfer the substrate holder.  very little force is needed at any time and
there should never be sudden movements with the transfer arm.  if you are
in doubt at all or concerned please call me at 650-644-9403 at any time.  i
will be in the snf quite a bit in the coming 4 days so i should be able to
look in or help as you load/unload.

finally, special thanks to max shulaker, hai wei, and fabian purkl for
their assistance today in the repairs or freeing up time for me to work on
the systems.  also noted thanks to kaveh and joe m for being willing to
help as well.

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