Shutdown fusion SNF 2007-12-23 09:36:10: CDA leak in flexible tubing ....

shott at shott at
Sun Dec 23 09:36:11 PST 2007

I was wandering by the lab and heard a loud hissing coming from near the Fusion.  A little seaching showed that one of the flexible lines containing CDA has a hole in it.
To stop the hissing, I turned off the CDA line valve in the fingerwall just behind the Fusion (just upstream of the regulator).
I can show you roughly where the leak is but here is the rough description.  If you are facing the machine from the front, there are 3 flexible lines attaching to the right side of the machine.  Two appear to be teflon lines containing water and the third is a soft, flexible material that is not Polyflo.  This is the line with the hole in it.  The hole is down on the back of the machine where that line loops around and enters into the body of the machine.

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