Problem gasonics SNF 2010-01-25 22:53:21: error message; no reset

klharris at klharris at
Mon Jan 25 22:53:21 PST 2010

Midway through processing my wafers, it displayed an error indicating that the receiver cassette was full (although there were only 4 wafers in it and not nearly full).  I tried reseating the receiver cassette and emptying it, but the error message remained.  I turned off the machine and removed my wafers, including the one that was stuck inside the machine.   However, the door would not close afterwards.  After turning the machine back on, it gave an error that the door was not closed.  Pressing "start" or "stop" or reseating the cassettes did not yield a response.  The machine never reset.  
It seems that several other lab members had similar experiences, although the machine would usually reset after turning back on.

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