[hdpcvd] Someone Changed the Std Recipes on HDPCVD Tool

Jim McVittie mcvittie at stanford.edu
Mon Apr 8 17:47:18 PDT 2013


Please do not change any std recipes steps and be sure to change the step name before making any changes to a copied recipe.

Today, several HDPCVD users pointed out that the bias powers on the std oxide and nitride recipes have been changed. We think the change occurred several month ago but were just noticed. Please check the bias power on all your recipes. Here is what I found and the changes I made.  Jim 
Recipe,            Bias Pw,      Correct PW,     Now

HDP-SiNx             25             0              0  
HDP-SiNx2            25             0              0
HDP-SiO2              0            25             25
SiO2-120              0            25             25
SgiHPD-SiO2           0            25             25
 2:11 SiO2 Lgt
SgiHDP-SiO2           0            25              0
  low Pw  

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