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Wed Oct 25 16:56:15 PDT 2006

Hello all,

some how we lost the filter for nanospec few days a go. I tired to make  
another one not realizing that  I have put in  wrong filter any how a 
day later Uli goes in and finds the filter and I had to make a new 
holder for the  correct filter.
The moral of this email is that there is a little clear box next to the 
Nanospec and   if the filter is not needed should go in there so the 
next person see it and knows that the filter is not in the system ( it 
is critical for people checking the resist thickness on their sample and 
still like to do exposure on it).  Throwing the filter on the table of 
course will brake the holder.

Please help us to maintain some standard in the lab,    I CAN NOT KEEP UP.

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