Problem headway2 SNF 2008-11-25 12:14:11: deck, shields, and back of bench covered in red resist

jwc at jwc at
Tue Nov 25 12:14:11 PST 2008

Upon coming onto system:
1.  we found a broken lapped Silicon wafer on the floor in front of the wbmiscres.  we employed Scotch brand Tape to pick up the pieces.
2. Previous User(s) HAD NOT REPORTED A PROBLEM but wntire back drop and upper and side shields were covered with a significant amount of rfesist residues consistent with pouring resist from a beaker statically.
Receommend we disqualify the last three users on the bench and require them to attend the next take a spin with me session on December 9th, and two weeks out of the tool.

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