Comment headway2 SNF 2009-11-27 17:12:21: Current status ....

shott at shott at
Fri Nov 27 17:12:21 PST 2009

Mario and Gary:
Here is what I found when I took a look at headway2:
1. The 4A fuse on the motor was blown.  I've replaced that .... but it didn't change anything.
2. It appears as if the vacuum solenoid is stuck open because there is a vacuum reading of -10 to -13 in Hg even with no chuck on the end of the shaft.  If you put your finger over the hole in the shaft, the vacuum goes to -25 in Hg.  My guess is that the solenoid is chemically "glued" in the open condition.
3. However, even with your finger over the shaft, the motor does not appear to turn.  This leads me to believe that the movement in the shaft that drives the vacuum detector switch is also chemically glued in the "no vacuum" condition.  I can't really see down there well enough to see if there is any motion, but my guess is that everything that is supposed to be moving in both the vacuum solenoid and in the vacuum detector have gotten glued shut by some mix of resist, acetone, LOL and friends.

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