Problem headway2 SNF 2009-11-27 15:41:50: headway stopped spinning!

gsosa at gsosa at
Sat Nov 28 12:24:39 PST 2009

2 problems- Vacuum will not turn off and spindle will not spin. 
      1st problem: Verified that spindle shaft was not clogged. Spindle shaft OK and no residual chemicals in the trap. Removed solenoid body. Plunger appeared to be stuck but not by chemicals. Base and body looked fairly clean. Cleaned up plunger, body and base and re-assembled. Vacuum switched on and off OK several times and then got stuck again. Suspect that there is now wear and friction in the plunger and body or spring is getting weak. Replaced the plunger, body and base with new. Tested again, manu times. Vacuum switches on and off OK now and sensor is also responding normally.
   2nd problem: Checked spindle. Spindle does not feel tight or have any drag on it. Checked fuse- Fuse also OK. Checked wiring to motor.  found 1 wire loose in spade lug connector.  Crimped the lug down to make better connnection. Tested motor operation- All OK.
  Tested system with several chucks. System appears to be functioning normally now. System OK to use.

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