Problem headway2 SNF 2011-05-24 15:08:50: LOL or LOR found all over all of the 100 mm chucks

jwc at jwc at
Tue May 24 15:08:50 PDT 2011

During our 'Take a Spin iwth Me" class we found the chucks in the headway box completely covered with cross linked LOL or LOR resist that we COULD NOT remove using acetone or IPA.
While we were able to spin our resist we discovered that upon inspection that the LOL and some optical resist traces has transferred to the backsides of the wafers and we are unable to remove them by any means.
This has resulted in not only lost time and inconvienence to our class but also  the death of valuable engineering materials costing several hundred of dollars to SNF.
I propose we eliminate the Users working on this tool that are not considrate enough to clean up their resist when they are using SNF equipment and fixtures, in particular the LOL and LOR Users!
Headway Users working since yesterday at 5 PM should see me during my office hours tomorrow  (9 - 10 AM) or I will disable your login and access to this tool until you have completed community service.
Thank you for your support!
James Conway

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