Randy True true at
Mon Oct 21 12:08:41 PDT 2002

The headway chucks are in a very poor state.
The one reliable chuck, it had no black o-ring and a white plastic disc,
is gone. If
someone has it, return it immediately. There is a brand new chuck with a
white plastric
disc but this one DOES NOT work with 4in wafers, the chuck part is too
I tried to use a chuck with the black o-ring and it broke my 2nd wafer.
These chucks
have broke my wafers before. My wafers are completely standard, I'm not
sure if the
wafers break on the cchuck or from flying off.

SNF staff and headway users, if you see that an important chuck is
missing, please send
out email so that users don't walk up to the machine thinking everything
is OK. Even
better, SNF staff, please make a list of necessary chucks, keep at least
one spare,
check at least every couple days to make sure that those chucks are
still present, and
if they are missing, pursue it by sending out email, replacing the
missing chuck, and
ordering another spare. It's not right to tell users they have to buy
their own chucks,
you should come up with a system that does not require that.

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