Read Me: Warning for ALL USERS on the HEADWAY2 coater. Be sure to return bottles to solvent storage and also be sure to clean spinner chucks after use.

James Conway jwc at
Tue Dec 4 14:23:16 PST 2007

*Greetings All Headway Users:*

*This goes out as a specific warning to all Ebeam Resist Users  and not 
just Optical Lithography Users!

Please make sure you return the PMMA supply bottles to the yellow 
cabinets provided in the rear chase. *
I have have had a number of evening, and even a few early morning, calls 
telling me they are out of resist when in fact the material is either on 
the Headway deck or left in the Carts.

*ALL USERS WORKING ON HEADWAY are responsible to clean the chucks and 
wipe down the deck of the bench after EVERY USE.*
If you find a dirty or contaminated chucks -- go ahead, clean then too.
If you find grossly contaminated chuck(s) you cannot remove by solvent 
cleaning and/or resist residues on the WBMISCRES bench decks, please 
'make a comment' on CORAL.

Users having difficulties in completely stripping residues off the 
Headway Chucks should see Mario or James for assistance.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

Mahnaz Mansourpour wrote:
> Hello all,
> We found total of I think 6 bottles of  resist sitting on the bench 
> this morning. Mario cleaned up as usual. I like to remind  you  that 
> we are not suppose to store bottles on the bench. Please take them 
> back as soon as you are done with the chemical bottle that you are using.
> Secondly,  CLEAN UP THE  CHUCKS, I am getting many complains from lab 
> members and staffs.
> Consider this email as last warning.
> mahnaz
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