Please return immediately my 5 mm headway chuck

James Conway jwc at
Fri Feb 6 10:16:37 PST 2009

Good Morning Headway and Ebeam Users,

For several days now I have been missing my 5 mm mesa support Headway 
chuck that is designed for handling 5 to 10 mm square GaAs and small 
Quartz pieces.  A number of Users working in the Ebeam Lab require this 
item for their work.  Recently I have been allowing users to use this 
item for their work as the other identical chuck on the Headway had been 
stolen from the lab two weeks ago.

My Chuck is now missing and should have been returned to my dry box 
Tuesday after it was used, I expect it to be returned clean and ready 
for the next User.
If you, or a User you know, has this assembly, or any Headway chucks 
from the headway station, please return them to me immediately.  If any 
chuck becomes damaged, or contaminated with any resist please see either 
Mario or myself for assistance in reconditioning or cleaning these parts.

_No engineering materials, wafer and substrates with work in progress, 
or any other items stored within are to be taken from either my yellow 
dry box or Ebeam Lab tool boxes without my direct approval._

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

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