Shutdown innotec: Planetary

flannery at flannery at
Sun Oct 15 09:46:59 PDT 2000

Planetary does not rotate.  I tried several speeds. Here's what I've looked at already.
Drive Unit
Power is going to brushless drive unit. Alarm light is lit on driver unit panel. Voltages are present on motor control line, though without a scope and documentation it's hard to tell if it is working properly.
Motor and Gear Housing
I removed motor housing to check for mechanical obstruction. Screws for the housing are in the cubby area next to the TV screen. Gear train can be rotated manually, though resistance seems high to me. Planetary in chamber rotates freely independently of gear train.
I need this up fast. If you need any support, let me know. If anything needs replacing, please get it overnighted.

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