Problem innotec SNF 2010-02-07 18:38:25: no HV again

ajamo at ajamo at
Sun Feb 7 18:38:26 PST 2010

HV would not come on.  Was careful not to toggle Cryo button off  while opening and closing shutter - so that is not the problem.  When Telemark was powered up, all 7 buttons lit up when reset was pushed, Source came on with no problems.  When HV  on button was pushed, light came on but nothing in the read-out, turned knob, no response.  I powered everything down, vented & had Eric P. Do the pump down and start up procedures, the same (no HV) problem happened.   In the manual screen the HVac showed as INTLK  -we are not  sure if this is normal. I'm unloading all my stuff now.  
To Next user,  this happened to me last week, & the following user was able to run the system with no problem.  Please leave a pass-down.

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